Sunday, March 29, 2009

G-Shock---the best choice for Man

This week I going to talk about G-Shock which is one of the collection of Casio. Why name it as G-Shock? It is because the watches have a shock resistants like drop shock, piston shock, water, ice, hammer shock, and vibration. At a time when it was commonly believed that watches were breakable items, but now is it the tough and unbreakable items.

This is the MI3 version of G-Shock. This is the special edition for the movie of Mission Impossible 3. It really worth to collect.

Casio engineers taking on the challenge of creating the world's toughest watch. Using a triple protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-SHOCK offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking . The watches are all stainless-steel and water resistant.

Besides that, Casio cantains some advanced technology such as solar powered and automic timekeeping. Solar powered is means that the batteries are recharged via solar panels on the face of the watch and energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. Automic timekeeping are resulting in extremely accurate time that can be measured on instruments.

This is the special edition of FIFA World Cup. I like the white colour, looks great!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the best choice for girls- Baby-G

This post I going to talk about the good choice for sporty girls- Baby-G! This casio was very sporty and colourful. It is nice if you wear it go swimming or any sports events. It also have water resistant and shock-resistant.

The white casio on above is the series of S.H.E. It was quiet popular in my shop. I found that this few year the trends is going for white colour things, so that many people come to my shop and look for white watches.

This the pinky Baby-G, it also popular in my shop, especially the pink lover. This Baby-G contains of analog and digital. Besides that, it also have alarms, stopwatch, day and dates.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


This post I going to talk about Baby-G. This is the one which very colourful and sporty in the casio collection. Baby-G is design for girls one because it is the models have many colour for them to choose. When my father want to order the Baby-G stocks, he sure will ask about the trends of that time. When we know the trends of girls, so that we can more easily to catch up the minds of girl.

This is the white colour Baby-G. One of the killer product in my shop, because it easy to catch up the attentions of girls. It is the trends which is in white and gold colour. After this product come out, many others brands also come out the products with these colours.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is the Casio edifice watch. I bought it before when I was in secondary school, it costed me about RM300++. It really makes me look mature and steady when I wear it to school. I think as men, we should wear a formal watch like casio edifice which is stainless steel.
Actually I love watch very much as I have worked as a promoter at my father's shop before. Casio is a major brand that my father targeted to promote to the customers. Due to the quality and the affordable price, Casio became a popular brand in the shop.
Any classmate who wants to buy a watch can contact me to get a discount or cheaper price. There are varieties of watch brands for you to choose! Please don't miss it!