Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is the Casio edifice watch. I bought it before when I was in secondary school, it costed me about RM300++. It really makes me look mature and steady when I wear it to school. I think as men, we should wear a formal watch like casio edifice which is stainless steel.
Actually I love watch very much as I have worked as a promoter at my father's shop before. Casio is a major brand that my father targeted to promote to the customers. Due to the quality and the affordable price, Casio became a popular brand in the shop.
Any classmate who wants to buy a watch can contact me to get a discount or cheaper price. There are varieties of watch brands for you to choose! Please don't miss it!


  1. can get cheaper price from u?
    how many percent of discount?haha~
    the watch look nice ya~

  2. Wow,the watch look so nice. How much the price and percent of discount that i can get if i wan to buy it from u??

  3. Ok.ok . No problem ~ Next time when wanna buy watch sure will think about u 1st ~ haha ~

  4. this onli cost RM300? wow!! it looks great and reasonable price

  5. i would say the price is cheap according to the design. i have used casio previously and i am very satisfied with it. because its been 6 years and it still works great.never change d battery before!
    good day!

  6. This is an original casio edifice, would you like to sell it? How much price in US dollar or IDR? thanks a lot