Sunday, April 26, 2009

City Chain

This post I going to talk about the strategies of City Chain. From my own observation, I think that City Chain are having some house brands that just only available in City Chain such as Cyma, Titus, and Ellesse. They are the sole dealer so that they could control the prices of the watches. After they come out the new model, they would discount the old model watches up to 70%. It is the strategies of them to push out all the old stocks. But like others brands, they could not do like that because of the control of the company. So that, I advise you all to buy the house brand during the carnival sales, it will be more valuable for you all.

In the other hands , I think the service of the City Chain is quiet good because of the warranty. They could provide up to 3 to 5 years warranty to the watches included the battery. It is the strength of them in the customers services.


  1. your blog is well informative...
    but the colour and the design are not very satisfied...
    keep it up ^^

  2. Is City Chain has any relationship with Casio?

    Besides, your background is quite boring man! Since last two month I heard that you can't change the background. Still can't find the way to change the background?

  3. do you sale fx-85EX or fx-991w? how much if i deliver it to Philippines? i need it for my study... tnx for the info... you can mail me at fb..