Sunday, February 15, 2009

About Me...

Hi all, my name is Chern Wan Yen. You whether can call me fat Jay or Ah Mao. I am 21 years old and a fatty who come from Johor Bahru town. I majoring in marketing management and having my first semester of Delta year.

I love study in melaka because of the food in melaka is variously and very delicious. Furthermore, the price of the food are cheaper than what I expected before. Beside that, I like the decoration of the city, it full of beautiful flowers and plants. I also can see workers watering the plants weekly. This is the things I not ever see in my hometown.

My blog is all about the brand of Casio. I love Casio very much and I also a Casio cunsumer. Furthermore, I think everyone are familiar with Casio product and I have a great understanding with Casio, especailly in Casio watches. I will introduce more in my next post.


  1. hi, im sharon.last sem same assignment v u.come n support ur blog.casio, waiting ur new update o.^^

  2. hi there, need a web counter? just click here :
    have a nice day!!

  3. halo,wan yen...
    r all jb ppls love melaka???
    i love melaka too^^
    i have same opinion wif u about the food and the watering workers,haha
    waiting for ur next post ah...

  4. nice picture haha..
    act cute :P

  5. Hi Wan Yen,
    Do u know where can I get the Casio Colourful Portable Calculator, model number SL-300VC-YW? It's just a normal household 8 digits calculator but I love its color... (