Sunday, February 22, 2009

Introduction of Casio Brand

Casio is a japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics products. The president of the company is Kazuo Kashio and the employees of his company are over 13,000. It is a huge company and I hope I could join it in my future.

Why I will choose Casio to be my title? It is because I think that the products of Casio such as watches and calculator are most familiar to us and I really satisfied the product after i consumed it. We usaully use the casio's scientific calculator such as model fx-350MS and fx-570MS. Besides that, watches like G-Shock and Baby-G also are also the popular collection.

Top is the advertising of Casio Baby-G. Casio invited the Taiwanese Singer S.H.E to help them promote the products of Casio.

It is the scientific calculater we normally used in school.

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  1. I love Casio too. The Casio G-shock my father gave me at high school graduation is a part of my arm. I feel naked without it. Nowadays, people use their cellphone to check the time, but not me, I really can't live without a digital wrist watch. Between my Casio gadgets, I have an old electronic translator.